Future plc is an international multimedia company established in the United Kingdom in 1985. The company has over 220 brands that span magazines, newsletters, websites, and events in fields such as video games, technology, films, music, photography, home, and knowledge.

Long story short, Future PLC are a huge organisation with numerous dependencies and I was honoured to be involved in the creation of an animation that would tell their story and communicate their mission to potential shareholders as part of their ‘Future Agency Roadshow’ campaign.

We take the viewer on a journey through time and space, through the Future PLC universe and back again to gain a clear understanding as to what they’re all about.
Direction - FUTURE PLC, Tom Chase, Oliver Bourne
Creative Direction - UGLY DUCK LTD, Samuel Murdoch
Design & Art Direction - Samuel Murdoch, Joao Rocha
Animation - Jared Tomkins, Joao Rocha
Sound Design - SONITUS, John Valledy
Production Management - UGLY DUCK LTD