Pooper Heros

Working in collaboration with Reddit and Illo Agency, I joined the great animation studio Ugly Duck to help create two animated ads to promote Pamper’s new product, the ‘Cruiser 360’ ! We developed a concept that transports you into the wonderful world of a child’s imagination, riding cosmic polar bears across solar systems and hoverboards down rainbow racetracks. The narrative was adapted from the anecdotal stories of Reddit contributors.

It was a joy to develop such a fun and action-packed concept, pulling in retro gaming and cartoon references which all added to the overall appeal and nostalgic impact of the piece.

Pampers Poooweeeerrr!
Film 1
‘The cosmic polar bear’
Film 2

Direction - Annie Lashmet (Reddit)
Creative Direction - Samuel Murdoch
Illustration - William Luong
Animation - Jared Tomkins & Joao Rocha
Sound Design - John Valledy
Production Management - Thomas Allen (Illo Agency)
Design & Animation Assist - Samuel Murdoch